Article of the "Schwabacher Tagblatt" about Taekwon-Do Summer Camp in Cyprus
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Sports, Sun, Culture - And many new friends

Students of Taekwon-Do Center Schwabach and partner schools have been guests in Cyprus

Cyprus - Island at the easternmost angle of the Mediterranean Sea. Last european island, then comes the Orient. Many tourists travel there to relax, to lay in the sun and to enjoy the mediterranean food.

Also the students and teachers of the International Black Belt Center, including the Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Schwabach, have been at the island as guests once more. Together with the students of the partner schools in Pafos, Polis and Limassol the german have trained, eaten, danced and laughed. Much culture has been included too. So the cypriot hosts led their german friends for example to the 800 year old monastery of St. Neofytos, to the Baths of Aphrodite and to a museum where the hard work of the rural population during the centuries have been portrayed. Very impressing for the people from the "Far North" was the visit of an orange farm. There they had the chance to grap oranges directly from the trees and to experience how Halloumi, the unique cypriot cheese, is made by hand. To try the taste of all the specialties was also part of this experience. Several times the german have been invited to big meals by the Cypriots. During these meals they also danced to cypriot and greek songs under the guidance of professional dancing teachers from the circle of the Taekwon-Do students.

At early morning, arround half past 5, the day began for the actives. Together they went to the beach for training, while in their back the sun rised up. Spreaded over the days more Taekwon-Do classes in the schools of the island followed. Additionally there have been some demonstrations in front of an impressed audience. The Taekwon-Do friends of Cyprus, Germany and Greece presented their skills for instance in a theatre in the mountains of Tala near Pafos with a magnificent view to the sea, in the harbour (marina) of Latsi/Polis in the north of the island and during a visit of the Mayor of Pafos. The Taekwon-Do people have been invited because of the long-standing intensive and friendly relationship that connects the schools from Cyprus and Germany since many years. During the talk with the guests the mayor and the members of the city council have been very interested in developing the contacts further on. The demonstrations in front of the city hall has been greeted with enthusiasm. Pafos, the oldest town of Cyprus, is one of the culural highlights of the island. The ancient sites over there are at the World Heritage List of Unesco since a long time already. Currently the city is applying as a European Capital of Culture for the year 2017.

After one week of very intensive experiences the Taekwon-Do team with sportsmen from Erlangen, Herzogenaurach, Nürnberg and Schwabach had to go back home. The hospitality and warmth of their cypriot hosts will stay unforgettable forever. For sure many of the participients will take part again next time, when it's time to meet good friends, to train together, to eat and to celebrate life.